SUMMARY: RAID Fibre Optic Modules

From: Bill Townsley (
Date: Tue Mar 04 1997 - 11:56:20 CST

Well...I guess I'm the only one on this list who is experiencing
frequent failures of RAID Fibre Optic Modules. Thanks to all
those lucky admins who have been running for years without a glich.
I've had Sun Service in my computer room about every 4 months to
swap out one of these modules and they say that the FOMs are
prone to static damage and failure, though they might just be
trying to set me at ease since the down time is chronic. I received
suggestions for patches, etc. However, this is not a software
issue, the FOMs themselves fail. Perhaps I've replaced my last
one...perhaps not.

Thanks to the responders:
"Matthew Stier" <> (Ira Childress)
Marc Wiatrowski <>
John Justin Hough <> (Fletcher B. Cocquyt)
" Rogerio Rocha - BVL - Lisbon Stock Exchange -I.S." <>

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