SUMMARY:watchdog reset

From: Andy J. Stefancik 237-2164 (
Date: Tue Mar 04 1997 - 10:45:56 CST

Most people replying, suggested hardware problems when encountering
a "watchdog reset". However, the patch history shows that kernel patches
have been available in the past for this. A current patch ID was sent
in by, along with it's associated bug ID. Possibly
some troublesome software applications cause the watchdog to go off. At any
rate, we have been swapping hardware around for several months now, so we
will probably try this patch, or some related patch.

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Patch-ID# 104175-01
Keywords: signal overflow window sendsig reset watchdog
Synopsis: SunOS 4.1.3: System watchdog resets in sendsig
Date: Oct/08/96

Solaris Release: 1.1

SunOS Release: 4.1.3

Unbundled Product:

Unbundled Release:

Relevant Architectures: sun4c sun4m

BugId's fixed with this patch: 1260816

Changes incorporated in this version:

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Files included with this patch: README

Problem Description:

1260816 watchdog reset after sendsig message for signal 23

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