SUMMARY: strange behavior of dtaction with setuid

From: Oscar Goldes (
Date: Fri Feb 28 1997 - 19:30:57 CST

Certain program crashed when run from a CDE icon but worked well from the
command line. The point of failure was when the program tried to execute a
setuid program. The main program is written in PowerBuilder for UNIX and
the setuid program in C.

Thanks to:
Kevin Sheehan

The problem turned out not to be related to the "setuid-ness".
The program which was to be run did not explicitly use stdin or stdout, but
it needed it anyway.

Solution: in the CDE action, the terminal type was changed from "NO_STDIO"
to "TERMINAL". Clicking the icon now opens a terminal window before runing
the powerbuilder app, which is then able to run the setuid program
normally. On exit, the terminal window closes automatically.

-- Oscar Goldes

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