SUMMARY: precompiled gcc for sun os

From: Cathy Hargrave (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 11:02:01 CST


my original question was:
   is a pre-compiled version of gcc available for Sun OS 4.1.4?

the simple answer is no. so i have located a machine with
enough available disk space that i can build gcc on and have
started. i decided to do this rather than use the binaries
so kindly offered because it's a good thing to learn ( or
so said the senior admin here )

many thanks to everyone who responded, for the offers
of help, for access to their own sites, and for binaries:

Jim Reisert <>
Daniel Elswit <>
Niall O Broin <>
Rachel Polanskis <>
Rich Kulawiec <>
Mike Nguyen" <>
Michael Kohne <>
Roger Spaulding <snowmass!!>
John DiMarco <>
Chris Petrilli <>

thanks for taking the time to reply.


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