SUMMARY: anlpasswd/others on sol 2.5?

From: Marina Daniels (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 23:40:15 CST

> Does anybody have anlpasswd correctly installed on solaris 2.5?
> If so, could you please tell me what version it is and where you got it from -

> the copy I've installed keeps giving me "password file busy" error messages
> when I know for sure it's not.
> Does anyone use any replacment for /usr/bin/passwd which ensures users enter
> good passwords?

** RESULT ***

I only got 1 reply:
thanks very much to Karl Vogel (

   I use a version of "npasswd" that will handle Solaris shadow-password
   files. Fair warning: it doesn't handle any NIS or NIS+ stuff, because the
   whole point was to cut NIS out of the password loop entirely.

   "npasswd" will check a proposed password against the fields in the password
   file plus an optional dictionary to make sure you're not using your full
   name or a keyboard run like "qwerty" for your new password.

   Karl modified this package to be able to handle shadow passwords.
   The original version can be found at:


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