SUMMARY : disksuite tool 4.0 crashes with Ultra-2 on 2.5.1

From: John Doppert (jdoppert@Pacesetter.COM)
Date: Wed Feb 26 1997 - 15:55:36 CST


> I get segmentation faults while constructing a mirror
> of two stripes with two slices on each stripe.
> Three database replicas were constructed on three
> different partitions on two disks.
> I've re-installed disksuite tool three times over
> two 2.5.1 installations.
> Hardware : Ultra-2
> Installed patches:
> Patch: 102580-14 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWmd.2 4.0,REV=1.0,PATCH=14, SUNWmdg.2 4.0,REV=1.0,PATCH=14
> (Recommended cluster patch of 1-16-97)
> Incompatibles:, iss_sparc-01 Packages: SUNWcsr, SUNWcar
>... <SNIPPED>
> Patch: 103461-10 Obsoletes: , Requires:, Incompatibles: Packages: SUNWmfrun

From: (Jeff Wasilko)

Are you running CDE? I think some versions of this patch cause
the crash. 103461 is at rev 11 now...perhaps you should grab the
latest rev?



Remove the patch 103461-10. This is a Motif patch that causes problems
with CDE. I know it is on the recommended patch list, but it should
not be. You will have problems with other apps besides just metatool if
you don't back this patch out.

Mark Leeser -

I'm not sure if this will be of any help, but I do
have disksuite4.0 running on an Ultra1-170E with solaris2.5
and these patches:

Patch: 103169-05 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsr
Patch: 103447-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsr

I also have disksuite4.0 running on a sparc10 with
solaris2.5.1 and no patches.

I haven't had any problems with either of them. (knock on

From: (boenning) wrote :

which SCSI controller do you use. I had really big trouble using an
official Sun FAST-WIDE-SCSI controller. I just changed it to the SWIFT
Card (FAST-WIDE-SCSI + Fast Ethernet) and anything works fine :-)

From: (Fletcher B. Cocquyt) wrote:

I use DiskSuite 4.1 under Solaris 2.5 and 2.5.1.
A few suggestions:

1) Upgrade to 4.1 - docs are HTML now!
2) Report the core dumping to SunService 1-800 872-4786
The tool should never core dump - they will be interested in the core
3) Try doing the same mirroring through the shell commands (metainit and

SDS 4.1 under 2.5.1 has been rock solid for me so far...


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