From: Charles Harvey (
Date: Wed Feb 26 1997 - 15:43:51 CST

My original problem:

> Dearest amigos,
> I need help from someone who has gotten satan-1.1.1 running on a
> sunos-4.1.3 system. The install went smoothly for me and I start it
> according to the instructions by typing satan. This brings up a web
> browser at the satan page. The instructions say to click "target
> selection" but whenever I do, I just get the "save as" download screen
> and get no further. I am supposed to get a box which lets me enter a
> target name. I am getting frustrated and am about to drop it. Any clues
> would be greatly appreciated.

It turned out to be a simple fix that I would never have stumbled upon. Thank God for this list.

The replies:

Frank Sargent wrote:

in your Options, General Preferences, Helper Apps...

go into the

application/x-perl and point it at your perl...

AND - remove the 'pl' from the suffix field...

and you should be off....

I think I found it off of W Venema's pages - but can't remember..


Peter Schmitt wrote:

Go into your "Helpers" and remove the perl handle by stuff.



I followed Frank's advice since it was the first mail I recieved. It worked! Thanks!

Thanks also to Scott McDermott

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