SUMMARY: running services on alter. ports (dual telnetd)

Date: Wed Feb 26 1997 - 03:24:17 CST

Many thanks to all those who replied, the answer was pretty simple really
and if I'd thought about it for more than a few seconds I would have
figured it out for myself.

Anyhow the original question was how do I run dual telnetd, one running on
the standard port number of 23 and the other on an alternate user defined
port number. The answer is as follows :-

first modify the /etc/services file and add a line such as the following

telnet-2 9999/tcp # alternate telnet server

next modify /etc/inetd.conf and add the line

telnet-2 stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/in.telnetd in.telnetd

lastley you will need to send a hangup signal to inetd to make it reload
its configuration file,

As far as I am aware this is the procedure for any server which runs out of

note: if you are running in a NIS/NIS+ setup you will need to change the
/etc/services field on the master servers.
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