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From: Mike R. Phillips 5788 (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 05:22:29 CST

Thanks for the replies, 15 in all.

Original request :

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>Subject: DHCP server for Sun
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>Where can I get a fully featured DHCP server for Sun.

Commercial suggestions :

        - Sun PC Admin * Pricey for just using DHCP
        - Cisco DHCP/DNS Server Manager * Looks nice (X/Motif) but I expect a high
                                           price at it's Cisco !!

Free or maybe free :

        - Solaris Internet Server Suppliment - Request CD on
        - ISC DHCP/BOOTP server - In 6th Beta Release OR

I have requested the free Sun package but cannot tell whether this is an
evaluation copy or free software.

I have downloaded the ISC software and will be trying it out soon. There is a
restriction on it's use under Solaris that multiple network interfaces are
not supported but this is not a problem at SunOS 4.1.4.


Mike Phillips

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