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From: Mark Belanger (
Date: Mon Feb 24 1997 - 12:24:24 CST

Better late than never.
Original Question
> I need a way to globally include Xresources on
> a Solaris2.x machine. I would like a solution that
> would work for openwindows, CDE, and Triteal VUE.
> (As an aside, Triteal VUE is a CDE-style windows system
> identical to HPVUE. As I understand it, HPVUE was the
> main precursor to CDE)
> Let's take openwindows for starters. By looking at the
> script /usr/openwin/bin/openwin the following happens:
> if [ ! -f $HOME/.xinitrc -a -z "${XINITRC}" ]; then
> export XINITRC
> fi
> This means that if the user does NOT have a ~/.xinitrc file,
> then the system one is used. Now the system xinitrc file
> checks for ~/.Xdefaults, so I could include my xresources
> there. Great. But if the user does have a .xinitrc file
> and does not specify an xrdb -merge with his ~/.Xdefaults
> then the resources will not be included. This still is
> not too bad,,,,only two files to really worry about for
> openwindows.
> I am only just beginning to look at CDE and VUE, but my
> initial feeling is that a similar solution will not work.
> So SIMPLY: Does anyone know of a way to include Xresources
> in a way that will work with the different windowing systems.
> I'm sure I can hack out a solution for each, but I would prefer
> an elegant, stable, and simple solution that will work for all.

SOLUTION: In a nutshell .Xdefaults should do the trick for most X-apps.
  My original mail covers the openwindows case of a ~/.xinitrc file.
  For CDE, the two responses I've included show some options.
  For Triteal VUE (A cde-style windowing system) you can add them to
  /usr/vue/config/sys.resources. This will only cover new logins. People
  with existing ~/.vue directories will have to merge them in manually.
  The changes will last from session to session.

  Thanks to all.
  The two responses I received are included.

Rick von Richter <> wrote:
> Look at /usr/dt/config/C/Xresources this is the system default for resources. To add your own,
> create /etc/dt/config/C/Xresources and put in the resources you want in that file. The system
> sources in the /usr/... file then sources in the /etc/... file. To see what your login session has
> sourced in, type: xrdb -query and look for the 'dtsession_res*files:' entry. It shows what resource
> files were sourced in at login.

Robin Marquis wrote:
> Mark
> the use of a .Xdefaults file is a standard X11 thing. The additional merging
> in the BrokenWindows xinitrc I have found to be superfluous. Resources can
> also be applied on an application basis by putting class-named files (eg an
> xterm is of class XTerm) somewhere on the XFILESEARCHPATH, this often defaults
> to (X lib dir)/X11/app-defaults. I use a modified form which looks like this:
> XFILESEARCHPATH=/home/rmarquis/resource/%T/%N%S:/usr/dt/lib/X11/%T/%N%S:/usr/X1
> 1R6/lib/X11/%T/%N%S:/usr/openwin/lib/%T/%N%S
> %T type of resource app-defaults, bitmap, pixmap, help
> %N class name
> %S suffix for res type (if appropriate eg .xbm for bitmap)
> See also the X Faq, or the OReilley X references (resources should be in vol3
> - Xt programming)

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