SUMMARY: can't list contents of a dir

From: Jafar Shameem (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 14:21:10 CST

thanks for the replies.

the solution:
bring down the system to init level 0

thanks to:
Matthew Stier <Matthew.Stier@MCI.Com>
Russ Poffenberger <>
Rick von Richter <>

the original question:
> solaris 2.5
> sun ultra1
> today morning i was checking my backup logs and it showed that the backup
> still running and has been trying to backup /opt all night long.
> so i do ls -lR /opt and the output hangs after it reaches
> i can't control-C outta it. i can't even kill the process doing ls -lR.
> next i tried to rm -rf /opt/SUNWspro/READMEs and it hangs as well. and i
> kill this either.
> the directory is not nfs mounted. i could remove other files but not
> the ones in that directory.


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