SUMMARY: syslog monitoring script

From: Stuart Kendrick (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 15:19:48 CST

I want to monitor syslog and respond appropriately -- page, e-mail -- upon
certain events, and I had questions about how to accomplish a particular
detail in my code.

The uniform response was not to reinvent the wheel but to use swatch,
PERL-based code produced at Stanford.

I've implemented it, and in fact received a page late last night for a
particularly painful failure which it detected.

Thanks to:

Mark Bergman <>
Rachel Polanskis <>
Rich Kulawiec <>
Todd Boss <>
"Karl E. Vogel" <>
Andi Paton <>
Peter Bestel <>
Clemens Schmuck <>
Rich Casto <>
David Steiner <>
John Stoffel <>
Rasana Atreya <>


Stuart Kendrick
Network Services

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