SUMMARY: lp spool problem

From: Ibrahim Levent KECECI (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 01:10:24 CST

   Hi managers,
Thanks for all responses!

My original question:

> Hi managers,
>I could't get the recommended solution from anybody yet.
>My original question was:
>> Dear Managers,
>> One of our customers have a NeWSprinter 20 with NeWSprinter 2.5 software
>>on a SparcStation 20 machine which runs on Solaris 2.5.1 operating system. He
>>wants to print either local or remote from another system on the local network.
>> Real problems:
>>When you sent a local request like;
>># lp <text or postscript filename>
>>the printer accepts request and print file succesfully but, it cannot remove
>>the printed request from the spool and the cpu performance is always 100%.
>>I know these from the lpstat command and perf_tool;
>> <request_id> . . . on NeWSprinter20
>>always appears.
>> How can I correct this problem and how can I solve this for printing
>>from other hosts, because if any request will sent from any host the cpu
>>performance will over 100% and printer will not accept the request.
>>Thanks for any suggestion and I'll summarize.
>>Ibrahim Levent KECECI
>There are some comments that NeWSprint 2.5 software is only Solaris 2.3 and
>2.4. I was install these versions of Solaris on SS20 but nothing was change
>on system. The cpu comes normal level on performance meter when you cancel
>the current jobs on printer.
>Sending jobs from AnswerBook or any software may lock the printer.
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>Will summarize....
>Best Regards,
>Ibrahim Levent KECECI
>Customer Support Engineer
>Gantek Computer Consultancy Service & Trade Inc.

The best solution was only a wholesome patch, from Maria:
Original answer is:

Date: 05 Feb 1997 09:02:23 -0800
From: Maria Coniglio <>
To: (Return requested)
Subject: Re: lp spool problem
MIME-Version: 1.0

Hi there,
What version of revision level of NeWSprint 2.5 are you running? If you have NeWSprint 2.5.1 rev B.,
there is a patch for jobs remaining in the queue. The patch number is 102113-03
If you have the Solaris 2.5.1 Server OS copy, than check out the SPARC: Installation Notes-May 1996.
Here is an excerpt from page 32:

     102113-03 NeWSprint patch. NeWSprint 2.5.1 Rev. B hangs when printing.
                                       After the first job prints, the np_filter process will
                                             go into an infinite loop (the CPU perfmeter will
                                                remain high) and the job remains in the queue...

Hope this helps.

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