SUMMARY: tool-talk problems

From: Igor V. Alekseev (
Date: Sun Feb 16 1997 - 11:12:25 CST


there was just one responce to my original posting:

> I have the following strange problem: when I start dtmail on host A with
> DISPLAY variable set to B:0.0 it doensn't start, but displays a
> message on B:
> "ToolTalk is not initialized, mailer cannot run without ToolTalk.
> Try starting /usr/dt/bin/dtsession. ..."
> Mailtool does start, and it's window makes it to host B, but it complains
> "mailtool: Could not initialize Tool Talk: TT_ERR_PROCID (1042): Invalid
> id"
> Dtsession on host B is running,
> moreover I can redirect dtmail output from another host to the host B.
> Can anybody tell me what is happening?

The responce came from Kevin Davidson ( - Thanks!

He pointed out that the tooltalk has to run on the computer from where the mail
was being read. I am sorry - I forgot to mention it in the original question,
but it was installed and running on all the computers involved.

I believe the problem is very rare and although I waited for a relatively long
time - no other replies were received. The problem however after showing up
on a few more computers (the symptoms were exactly the same) went away. I tried
to change
the affected clients IP address (inspired by the fact that everything worked
fine for therest of our suns) and got the tooltalk working. Further experiments
were directed towards using tttrace and ttsnoop in order to see what was
actually going on. While doing all this (I was still far from being able to
determine anything for sure) the problem suddenly went away - on all the
previously affected machines, leaving me wondering about what it could possible
have been.

Anyway, thanks for your attention and I would be nice to get a hint on what it
was, if anyone else has encountered this.

Best regards,

Igor V. Alekseev, Yaroslavl University Internet Center - Information systems

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