SUMMARY: Survey Time

From: Justin Young (
Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 21:53:20 CST

For those who want the complete lowdown, check out

For the rest of you, you get an executive summary.

29 persons responded to my list.


19 persons said they use their suns as internet servers making it the #1

Database engine was #2 with 18 persons.

12 people used their suns for file serving purposes (Note: http is
considered as an internet service rather than a file service).

(No big surprises!)

6 people responded that they had CAD programs running on their Suns,
 and another six responded that they used their machines for development.

7 persons said they used NIS, and 9 persons said they ran Xservers.

8 people responded that they used their suns for general purposes.

Only 3 persons said they used their machines for management (network) or

Machine Types:

One person won the "That's too bad!" prize for having only one
Sparcstation 1 whereas another person (who happened to be from the UK) won
the "You're a spoiled brat!" award for having three Ultra Enterprise 6000's
and 1 4000 w/ a TB online. Kinda makes me want to have tea and crumpets

Adding all the machines together came to over 2000. Note that some persons
answers weighed more than others. I'll break the machines down by

In the venerable sun 4c class, the clear winner was the IPX. In the sun
4m category, the clear winner was the Sparc 20. Yes, it beat out the
Sparc 4 and 5 but only by a hair. In the 4f category, the Sparc 10 won
(big surprise). In the Sun 4d category, the 1000 was the winner by a
vote of 8 to 4. In the new and apparently very popular sun 4u category,
the Ultra 2 actually beat out the Ultra 1 even when all the different
clock speeds were grouped together. (Actually this doesn't surprise me
since both of our Ultra's are ultra 2's as well.)

Hope this helps. The traditional summary would have been too long.

Quite simply, if you want to see all the respondents identified
anonymously, check out

Justin Young
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