SUMMARY: upgrading a Sparc IPX

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Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 11:37:44 CST

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> Can a Sparc IPX be upgraded with a newer Sparc chip? If so, to what?
> How much does it cost? Is it worth it?


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The options presented to me were either replacing the chip or the
motherboard. (The other option, which I didn't really ask about, was to
upgrade the entire computer, either with a newer Sun Sparc or a clone.)

A good source of this info is on SunWorld Online:


Weitek ( has a "clock-doubled" CPU chip called the
POWER uP. This is sold by Rave ( for only $550.

Ross ( was also mentioned, but I couldn't determine
from the webpage whether I could upgrade an IPX with a ROSS chip or


Acropolis Systems ( and Rave both sell (Sparc 5
performance: 70-170Mhz) motherboards from Cycle Computer
(, which range in price from US $1,895 to $2,850.

In Europe, Transtec sells these (,

Rave also sells an Axilerate ( 100Mhz board for $1,650,
but it doesn't look like it works for an IPX.

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