SUMMARY: Ecache SRAM Data Parity Error

From: Cathy Hargrave (
Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 13:24:28 CST


my thanks to
   Benjamin Cline <>
   Fletcher B. Cocquyt <>
   Jeff <>
for responding.

my original posting:

> i had a sun ultra-1 crash with the following error message:
> panic[cpu0]/thread=0x507a6fc0: CPU0 Ecache SRAM Data Parity Error: AFSR 0x00000000
> 00400080 AFAR 0x000000 00 100ffff0
> syncing file systems... [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1]

some of the cpu's on the early ultra's were built with a defective cache.
sun is shipping me a new mother board.

i want to investigate sun's verification test suite, but i haven't had a
chance yet to look at it.

i appreciate the help. since this error was very infrequent, it had occurred
once a month ago that i could document, your help saved me a lot of work and
my company a lot of money. the machine is under warranty, but there is no
service contract.


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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Mon Feb 10 13:36:43 1997

I don't _know_ what it means, but to hazard a gues, it looks like there was a parity error in the static RAM used for the external CPU cache. This might be caused by overheating, or it might indicate a serious hardware problem (hopefully your machine is still under warranty and/or you have a service contract!). If you can, I'd try running Sun's Verification Test Suite (shipped with Solaris 2.5+, but on a separate CD from the core OS) for 24-48 hours, and see if the problem happens again.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Mon Feb 10 14:46:52 1997

We had this problem with one of our CPU's on a new Ultra 2 system. We opened a call with SunService and they replaced the CPU module. Apprently, some of the earlier CPU's were made with a defective type of cache memory. Anyway, the replacement fixed our problem.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Mon Feb 10 17:50:40 1997

Very likely, you have a bad CPU. Make sure that the fan is running (the one on the CPU)--there's a known problem with the fans stopping (although this wouldn't cause your problem, it could lead to failures).

You'll need to replace your CPU board.

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