SUMMARY: SDS (ODS) 4.0 logged file system crash

From: Steve Phelps (
Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 06:22:23 CST

Many thanks to John Stoffel <> and Greg Price <>

The solution appears to be patch 103153 (UFS patch) revision 11 or later.


>Yes, we've seen this. I will get you the exact details in a couple of hours,
>but you need a late version of the ufs patch. We were seeing this problem on
>a large filesytem Raid5 with ufs logging. We put the current version of the
>ufs patch on and the error moved to "freeing free inode", they had a bug in
>the patch so they released another beta copy of the patch that fixed the prob.
>We're not sure about the original situation, but we narrowed the freeing
>free inode prob to people deleting large files, 1.5GB in our case on a
>ufs logging filesystem. Will be back soon with details.

The original question:

> We are currently using ODS (Disk Suite) 4.0 to create logged file systems.
> Every couple of months one of the servers running a logged file system will
> crash with a panic similar to the following:
> panic: free: freeing free block,dev = 0x154000b, block = 24440, fs =
> /home/jupiter/raid2
> The server will then crash repeatedly with this message until:
> the relavent meta-device is cleared using metaclear
> then unmounted
> then has zeros written to the logging device using dd
> and then re initialised using metainit
> it will work fine if we metaclear the device and remount it as a normal UFS
> file system; there is no corruption in the file system itself.
> This has happend on several servers running Sol 2.5 and 2.5.1.
> We have patch 102580-13 installed on all servers running ODS.
> A typical logging device is 64mb and a typical master device is 30GB. We
> have had the problem when the logging device has been mirrored and when it
> has been stand-alone. Each server has at least eight meta db replicas
> spread across controllers and disks.
> The file systems involved are different on different servers where the same
> problem happens; different types of SCSI controller, different disks,
> different RAID controllers etc..
> The servers are all 100Base-T NFS servers to a wide variety of NFS clients
> (Suns, Macintosh, PCs, NFSV2 & NFSV3).
> Anyone seen anything like this before, or have any ideas on what the problem
> could be?
> Steve Phelps.

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