SUMMARY: Pagers and all

From: Charles Gagnon (charles@Grafnetix.COM)
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 11:24:38 CST

I... euh!... answered my own question half an hour after sending this post.
Demonstrating how stupid the question was... :-)

The answer:

  I modified the "echo" line to fit my modem config. Since this modem is
  usually used for incoming call to manage the machine. The autoanswer is on
  and a couple of other things have been changed in the defaut register. The
  new line line looks like:

  echo "AT&D0DT"$PAGERNUM",,,"$NUMERIC_MESSAGE > /dev/cua/1

  The "&D0 code allows me to override the problem caused by the DTR being

  And it works fine...

  I was never able to use "tip" from the cron tab though. I figured cron did
  something like:

  tip remote_host </dev/null

  And I couldn't find any info on how to change that.

Thanks everyone.

Orginal question follows:
> I was using tip to page employees from the system (a Sparc with SunOS 5.4 and
> a 28.8 modem on an Aurora serial card).
> The pagers are *numeric* only. I read everyhthing I could in the FAQs and in
> the Sun-Managers archive but all the solutions the where for *alpha-numeric*
> pagers (tpage, etc.).
> My problem is that a simple "echo" line won't work. It seems like the modem is
> not dialing 'cause the TR (terminal ready?) is not set. So when I do:
> echo "ATDT1231234,,,,12345"
> To sent my numeric message, a couple of lights flash on the modem but it never
> dials.
> Tip will work from the command line. I configured the beepers in /etc/remote
> file and when I do a "tip pager1" or "tip some_guy_with_beeper" it works fine.
> The problem is when I try to tip from a Bourn Shell script launched by a cron
> job, I get:
> tip: must be interactive.
> The same script (sh) ran from the command line instead of cron will work.
> Any ideas?
> Sorry for any inconvenience. My appologies if the question was off topic or
> simply annoying.

This exemple of what not to do on this list was brought to you by:

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