Summary:Options for command /usr/bin/catman

From: Tim Tsao (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 10:04:07 CST

Hello, there:

Here's the summary to my question about command options
for /usr/bin/catman:

The difference between `catman` and `catman -w` is
without the -w option, it just builds the index
so you can use `whatis` and `man -k`. Because it
doesn't reformat the man pages, it saves your disk

With the -w option, you spend a large initial
chunk of time formatting the man pages and storing
the formatted versions on the disk. So you end up
saving disk access time when you do 'man <command>'
(it's quicker) but this takes up disk space.

So it depends on you what quick response or you want
save disk space. That's the trade-offs.

Thanks for people who replied.



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