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Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 07:13:24 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

         SUMMARY - SBus Quad Ethernet Controller on Sun Netra


Can anyone tell me, if the Sbus Quad Ethernet Controller card is
supported on the Sun-4c, Sun-4m, Sun-4d system architectures, would it
work on a Netra which is a Sun-4u architecture?
Exact Workstation type is SUNW, Ultra-1; sparc, sun4u.

Answer: Yes (for Solaris 2.5/2.5.1)

Connection to router using 10BAseT RJ45 connectors will not work. Why?

Direct connections between two 'listening' devices need a 'null'10BaseT
cable. It appears it is best to connect to a router through a hub, which
dispenses with the need for a 'null' cable.

-------------Thanks go to the following------------------
> "Ing. Francisco J. Donderis L." <>
> Richard Neale <>
> Mike Jones <>
> Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
> Alex Finkel <>
> Eric William Burger <>
> Sean Ward <>
> Super-User <>
> Mr T Crummey <>
> Peter Bestel <>

Especially Casper Dik, who entered into correspondence on the matter,
and helped me a great deal.
-----------Answers Given & other Info Supplied----------

If you have solaris 2.x, you just have to install the card and then
create the files:


in the /etc directory with the name of the interface and the name and IP
defined in /etc/hosts


>On the connection to the router, I get an error 'No carrier - cable
>problem or hublink test disabled?' The cable is fine, and I have tried
>to disable the hub link test on the sun by programming the nvramc - the
>device manual does not support 4u systems though - I used the 4c patch.
>would this be ok? The router does not have a facility to disable the >hub link test.

Ah, well, it still looks like a cabling problem of sorts.
have you tried connecting it to a known good network connection?

-------PLEASE SEE FINAL SOLUTION ABOVE------------------------

It should work fine on Sun4u. Did you do a reconfiguration boot after
installing the card?

Make sure to do a 'touch /reconfigure' and then reboot or,
halt the system and do a 'boot -r' at the ok? prompt.

The interfaces should be named qe0, qe1, qe2, and qe3.


There are drivers to be loaded on earlier versions of
Solaris. I assume that since it's an ultra, you have
Solaris 2.5 or 2.5.1. (2.5 - ed.) Therefore, there should be drivers
bundled in the OS. Take a look for /dev/qe. If that's there, then you
have the driver loaded in the OS for the card.


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