SUMMARY:SUNOS - too many open files

Date: Fri Feb 07 1997 - 15:48:37 CST

Hi folks,
First let me thank the people who took the time to respond to my query.
My original question was,
> I have a sparc10 running SUNOS 4.1.3. I am getting an error
> SUNOS Error : 24 - Too many open files
> Since I do not have any manuals on SUNOS, would like to know whether the
> files refer to per process/ per user or the entire system ?
man -s 2 intro
23 ENFILE File table overflow
            The system file table is full (that is, SYS_OPEN
            files are open, and temporarily no more files can be
24 EMFILE Too many open files
            No process may have more than OPEN_MAX file descrip-
            tors open at a time.
> My maxusers is currently set at 192 and nfile = 16 * (NPROC + 16 +
  MAXUSERS)/10 + 64.
> What parameter do I need to change to fix the problem ?
You can't - the limit on 4.x is 32 file descriptors per process, no
change possible. On 5.x, the limits are much larger and flexible.
> It is a fairly lightly used system with 3/4 concurrent users and a test
> database running to which 2/3 users connect at the same time.
> When the error occurs, if I stop and restart the sqlnet listener
> the problem goes away.
Another suggestion was to change the maxusers. Since maxusers was already
hiked from 32 to 192 and the error was relating to open files per process,
I did not rebuild the kernel.
Yet another suggestion was to hike the descriptor value to 256 from 64 thr'
limit command before starting the offending process, the tnslistener.
I am trying that.
Special thanks to
Paul Kanz <>

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