SUMMARY: Sparc20 A/B serial port

From: Mark Zander (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 16:52:56 CST

I asked...
> I can attach a terminal as a console and it works with no problems. But
> I would like to use my other Sparc20 station as a terminal.
> I have tried a straight serial cable, a NULL modem cable, a NULL modem
> with CD but none of these cables have worked. I am using 'tip
> /dev/term/a' on the Sparc20 station to connect to its serial port.
> Could someone lead me in the right direction? Maybe you could send
> pinouts of the Sparc20 serial port.

Thanks to (Bill Townsley),
                Johnny Hui <jhui@campton.Eng.Sun.COM>
                Alex Finkel <>

for the _very_ quick and helpful responses.

I used a NULL modem cable between the Sparcs. On the Sparc which has a
monitor I used the A/B serial cable to connect serial B to the second
I added to the first Sparc's /etc/remote file the following:


Using 'tip terminal' got me connected good and proper!

There was a problem with using Serial A, sunos kept saying that it was
already in use but using Serial B gave me no problems.

Bill Townsley mentioned something which I have noticed before...
        "Bear in mind that connecting the cable to your server sends
        an interrupt that may halt the machine."
Can anyone tell me why this happens? Because removing the cable _always_
halts the Sparc.

I would also appreciate someone sending me the pinouts for the Sparc A/B
serial port.


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