SUMMARY zs0: silo overflow

From: Arthur Ruyter, de (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 07:21:41 CST

Thanks for your replies...

Daniel, Matthew, Kris, Alan, Mike, Virginia and Glenn.

I asked for the meaning of the message :
"zs0: silo overflow", displayed at boot time.

This doesn't seem to be much of an problem.

Here's one of the replies sent to me by Glenn Satchell:


 A silo is the hardware buffer on the serial ports. This buffer is only
very small on Suns, typically 1 or 2 characters. If something (eg a
printer) connected to a serial port sends anything to the serial port
before the system has loaded the interrupt handling routines for the
serial ports (such as at boot time) then the data will overrun the
buffer. You can easily reproduce this by moving the mouse around as the
system boots, except you will see that it is zs3 this time. This is
nothing to worry about.



Arthur de Ruyter
Ministerie van VROM

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