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From: Terry Gorby (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 06:18:19 CST

I received several replies to
the group question (supplied
at the end of this message).

One reply seems to have located
cause and solution.


>From Jay Lessert AND Ted Kapela

There could be other causes, but this *sounds* like you did a
"make group" instead of just "make". This causes the NIS map
"netid" (deep magic) to not be generated, with confusing results
as you describe.

You need to rebuild 'netid' NIS map. This map is used by the
initgroups() call used by shells to set up groups the user
belongs to. Anytime you create new users (in the passwd map) or
edit the group map at all, you should also make netid.

Other Tries:

1.Perhaps your user is in more than 16 groups?
<not the case>

2. Do a yp push to all of the nis slave servers after this update

3.To me it seems that the user is reading from
different group sources such as /etc/group.
<not the case>

Thanks To:
Jay Lessert
Ted Kapela
Dan Lorenzini
Matthew Stier
Richard Aures

-----------Original Question---------------------
Greetings: I have a delema with
group file and permissions.

I placed a user in the group file and rebuilt
the nis database. When I su to that user
(on my Solaris 5.5 system) the new group
shows with the "id -a" command. On the
users system (after a reboot and login)
the user shows as belonging to the old
groups only. The users system is SunOS_413.
we are both bound to the same nis slave.

When the group is added as the default group
(in the passwd file), the new group name
is displayed.

Anyone seen this? Have a solution?
I have not seen this in a FAQ.

thanks in advance

------------- End Original Questioin -------------

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