Summary : mount problem: RPC: Program not registered

Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 18:48:44 CST


The problem is:
>I have exported the /usr directory from one workstation A and tried to
mount the /usr
>directory on another workstation B. I got the following message:
>mount: host1:/usr server not responding: RPC: Program not registered.
>I am able to mount file systems from other workstations to workstation B.
>What can be the problem with workstation A? Both are run SUN 4.1.3_U1.
>Workstation A is a Sparc20, and workstation B is an IPX.


Besides proper exporting of the directory, the following NFS Daemons need to be


for a NFS client.


for a NFS server in addition to those required for a client.

Workstation A happened to be configured as a client in its boot scripts.
I was able to get it working by executing:

        rpc.mountd -n

as root.

Some point out that I can reboot the printer after creating the exports file and
let the scripts start all the necessary daemons.

Thanks for the help from:

cj <>
Bertrand Hutin <>
Andreas Ehliar <>
Ken Franco <>
Waqar Hafiz <> (Peter M Allan) (Kris Briscoe) (Mark A. Baldwin)
Benjamin Cline <> (Alan Hill)

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