SUMMARY: Memory Drain on Ultra 170 (and a setfacl question)

Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 08:59:38 CST

Hi All!

Pretty much all the answers I got suggested a possible memory hogging
problem by a process, either eating up swap space, huge shared memory
areas, semaphores, or memory leaks. Just as mysteriously as the problem
arrived, however, it left, so I don't actually know what happened.

Recommendations as to what to do:

1) Get the top program and see which programs are hogging memory.

2) Run /usr/ucb/ps -auwx and check memory usage.

3) Call Sun support (which I did when I eventually became stumped). They
never found it either, but the problem went away later that day, so I
don't know what happened, either.

For another question, I have a file that I am trying to change the ACL on,
and I'm running the command in the exact same format as in the setfacl(1)
man page:

# setfacl -m user:bob:rwx mla

But I get the following error message:

mla: failed to set acl entries
setacl error: Invalid argument

Bob is a valid user, and mla is a subdirectory.

Will summarize. I am stumped on this one, because AFAIK, I'm following
the directions in the man page.


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