SUMMARY: Problem with 2.5 Recommended Patches

From: Michael van Dijk (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 03:09:23 CST

Hi All

I originally wrote:

> I've installed the latest Rec. package on 2.5, SC 2000E
> machine. The post install script placed the following in
> /etc/motd:
> >> Temporary Patch 103093-07 built 09/10/96 is installed and
> >> needs to be backed out prior to installing any other patches
> Why this? Can anyone please explain this and if I need to take
> any other actions?

Thanks to all whom responded. It seems that one can safely ignore
the message and/or remove it.

Marina Daniels wrote:

> I rang sun and they were very embarassed, apparently it was a note one of their
> techo's put in the patch when they were developing it to remind himself of
> soemthing and forgot to take it out before it was released.

I eventually got a similar problem on SunSolve for 103093-05, and it
stated that the message could be removed for ver -05. I did not really
want to assume that it would be true for ver -07 as well.


Thanks to:

Casper Dik
Marina Daniels
Trevor Paquette
NE1 I might have skipped ...

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