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My original question:

> I would like to know about some guidelines on setting kernel parameters
>on a solaris 2.4 machine (to be more specific, a Sparc 10).
> My main interest is maxusers. What is the default amount?
> How much memory is allocated for each additional user?
> Basically, we consistently have 40+ people logged in, and am curious
>if I need to tune this a tad (along with any other kernel variables).
> The sun and solaris faqs offer little assistance, as does the system(4)
>man page.
> Does anyone know of any other sources to check?
> Thanks.


I was told by several people to check out the book Sun performance Tuning by
Adrian Cockroft. Info on this book can be found at

I was also told that sunworld archives are online...
sunworldonline. Adrian Cockroft has a column here which often discusses
kernel tuning.

As far as default values on Solaris 2.4...I was told that maxusers defaults
to 40 by a couple people, but most say that it is dynamically allocated
based on the amount of RAM. Most people said that maxusers=Meg of RAM - 1.

One note that many people wanted to be sure that I knew (and I do :) is that
maxusers is not really the maximum number of users that a system has. It
is a variable which othe kernel uses in many different ways.

We do have "pt_cnt" set to a higher value to allow for greater simultaneous

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