SUMMARY: Virtual interface use?

Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 09:48:19 CST

My original mail/question was:
>After I define a virtual interface (e.g. le0:1), is it possible to force
>an application to use this virtual >interface to connect to the network?
>In other words I would like to force my Web browser to use the IP defined
>for the virtual >interface(le0:1) while letting all other applications
>use the primary IP of the system, defined in the >primary interface(le0).
>Victor Fernandes (>

I received a few answers pointing me to use the virtual capabilities of the
Web server, but in fact I was looking for this capability for Web BROWSERS
applications. Because I don`t know of any web browser that has this
capability I was looking for a facility (of any type) to allow me to force
a Web Browser application to use the virtual interface IP address in a
SUN machine.

My problem is:

I have a restricted interval of IP`s that are allowed to go through my
firewall, I don`t want to give Internet access to ALL users in my
machine (default IP), but I want to give access to some. For this,
I want to configure a virtual interface in the machine with one of
the reserved IP`s and set a _virtual machine_ to use the virtual
interface IP. All application running in this _virtual machine_ will
use the IP of the virtual interface. (clear! :) )

Thanks to all:

Wong Kin Fai, Wales -
Edgar -
David Kinney -
Jason Coombs -
Jay Lessert -

Victor Fernandes (>

P. S.: Just an extract of Jason Coombs mail, that can be of interest:

>I just wrote an article about virtual interfaces for the Microsoft =
>Interactive Developer that you might find interesting. It is about Java =
>and virtual interfaces:
>Jason Coombs
>Scientist, SCIENCE.ORG

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