SUMMARY: Virtual ftp server problem with WU ftp

From: Demetris Papallis (
Date: Sun Jan 19 1997 - 12:25:13 CST

The answer to the following problem:
> On a virtual ftp server (WUftp2.4b11) I setup it's root directory
to be:
>virtual root /opt/www/servers/users
>I also created the following guest account:
>The mounting point of the partition is /opt/www/servers/
>When I ftp with this users' account in his directory I get the following
>error when I try to list files:
>ftp> ls
>200 PORT command successful.
>425 Can't create data socket (,20): Bad file number.

was to create the following files with the right permissions but not under
~ftp/dev but at the root of every chrooted directory.

Thanks to:

        Clarkson, Michael
        William L. Hamlin
        Jason Keltz
                Demetris Papallis


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