Summary: File system re-sizing

From: Crothers, John (Lexington-US) (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 17:16:00 CST

1. Acknowledgments
2. Original Query
3. Summary of Responses
1. Acknowledgments

Respect is due to:

Jeff Dingbaum, Jason Hargis, Glenn Satchell, Dan Pritts, David Milun, Marina
Daniels, Mickey Panayiotakis, Kevin Woods, Ravi, Tom Powers, Niall O Broin,
Waqar Hafiz, David Procter, jbwendl, Matthew Stier, Trevor Paquette, Todd
Boss, Michael Shon, Karl Vogel

Thanks for taking the time to illuminate one of the dustier corners of my
Solaris world.

2. Original Query

Briefly, I wanted to know what my options were if I wanted to re-size the
file systems on an external Seagate 2GB disk connected to a SS20 running
2.5.1. I should perhaps have made it clear that these are data file systems
rather than OS partitions.

3. Summary of Responses

(a) Pretty much everyone who responded mentioned the Solstice DiskSuite
package which provides something like the capabilities of the AIX/HP-UX
 Logical Volume Manager with which I am familiar, in particular the ability
to "grow" file systems dynamically.

(b) Several mentions were made for Adrian Cockcroft's "Sun Performance and
Tuning Guide" as a useful reference when performing disk partitioning.

(c) Several people also confirmed the strategy I originally came up with:

(i) run in single user mode (not strictly necessary)
(ii) dump the file systems to tape (twice!)
(iii) re-partition the disk
(iv) re-create the file systems
(v) re-load the file systems from tape

In the short term I plan to implement the strategy outlined above, with the
intention to purchase DiskSuite (and AC's book!) for future installations.

Once again, many thanks.

John Crothers

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