SUMMARY: Solaris X86 mailing list

From: Christos Stieglitz (
Date: Sat Jan 18 1997 - 01:58:55 CST

Hi Sun managers,

many thanks to:

Bertrand Hutin
Kai O'Yang
Peter Asboeck and
James Coby

who replied to my question.

The correct answer:
To subscribe or unsubscribe, send email to, with your request (subscribe, unsubscribe) in the BODY of the message.

Bertrand also suggested to look at http://access1.Sun.COM.
I found this a good web page with search capability on Sol. X86 topics.

After that I'd propose to correct the FAQ at this point.

The original question:
> according to the latest sun-managers FAQ the mailing list for
> Solaris on Intel-based (x86) machines can be found under
> Host or doamain seem to be unknown
> to the net; my subscription messages keep bouncing.
> Is there a mistyping in the FAQ or am I missing something?
> Could you pls point me to a forum special for Solaris X86?

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