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From: David Harel (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 16:42:02 CST

1. Thanks
        2. Original question
        3. Suggestions

1. Thanks:
                Dan Pritts -
                Birger A. Wathne - birger@Vest.Sdata.No
                Rachel Polanskis -
                Peter L. Buschman -
                Rich Kulawiec -
                Martin Forssen -
                Scott J. Bertin -
                Carl Carpenter -

2. Original question:
>I am looking for mail applications for Sun platforms bouth Solaris
>and SunOS, that work with pop server.
>Netscape client is good but it takes a lot of memory (10 MB) and
>we arelooking for other solutions.

3. Suggestions:

        From: Dan Pritts -

                there's some sort of pop client on

                you should also look at pine from, it doesn't
use pop, but it can use IMAP server (also at same site) or

        From: Birger A. Wathne - birger@Vest.Sdata.No

                Try Sun's IMAP server (the successor of POP, with support for
manipulating your email on the server. Saving to folders on the
server, etc) and Sun's IMAP based email client available for Solaris,
windows, etc.

                Search for it at Sun's web server, It was 30 day try
and buy when I fetched it. I'm sending from this combination now. Has
some very nifty features, like 'views'.

        From: Rachel Polanskis -

                PINE and ML both have pop and IMAP support built in, so you can get
running really quickly.

                You can find most ofthese at a Sunsite, even the linux mirrors!

        From: Peter L. Buschman -

                Instead of using a client that only works through pop, like
Netscape, you might want to look at programs like popclient or
fetchpop that download a user's mail from a pop server and save it in
the system's
                normal mail spool. That way, any normal unix mail program can be
used by the user. I use this approach and it works very well.

                A number of programs / scripts that can do this can be found at:


                Although the directory is for Linux, most of the source is readily
compiled on other platforms, and I have had no trouble under Solaris

        From: Rich Kulawiec -
                fetchmail by going to Eric's home page and following
                the links:


        From: Martin Forssen - and
                Scott J. Bertin -

                I use TkRat. Check out

        From: Carl Carpenter -
                You might want to give ML a looking over. It is an X11 mail client
that handles imap, pop3, pop2 and even nntp (I never tried the news).



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