SEMI-SUMMARY: can not copy /etc

From: Rick Schieche (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 09:53:26 CST

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Onay Afsar wrote:

> Hello ,
> I couldn't copy the whole /etc directory to any where !
> Now i'm using solaris 2.5 and my machiene is ss20
> the comment is 'cp -r /etc /path'
> but this job was never finished
> always i interupted with CONTROL-C
> and you can see some of files but not all
> the files were:
> TIMEZONE aliases autopush clri crash cron cron.d

It's really not a good idea to use `cp' to archive your /etc directory.
You will change the ownership and permissions on critical files, and I
don't think the command will complete because it will be copying some
recursive symbolic links. Use tar or cpio instead, and you will be able
to get the whole thing AND save permission and ownership values on the

For example, to copy /etc to /home/foo/etc:

tar cd /etc; tar cf - . | (cd /home/foo/etc; tar xfBp -)

> thanks who replied

No problem. (Uh, except that my nameserver couldn't find

Rick Schieche
PW Environmental
Fort Lewis, WA

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