SUMMARY: HELP: New Disk Still Not Seen after a Reconfiguration Boot.

From: David Smith (
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 20:23:40 CST


Thanks to the following for their suggestions.

Kai O'Yang <>
John Justin Hough <
Cagri Yucel <>

The Problem:

After adding a Quantum Atlas II XP34550S 4.5 HD to a
SCSI-2 chain on a SPARC 10 with Solaris 2.5.1
and doing a reconfiguration boot the device is
not listed in the format menu. 'scsiinfo' lists
the device as present in the chain at id 4.

The Solution:

Bear in mind that the OS is Solaris 2.5.1 on a SPARC 10.
In the directory
there should have been the files:
sd@4,0:a sd@4,0:c sd@4,0:e sd@4,0:g
sd@4,0:a,raw sd@4,0:c,raw sd@4,0:e,raw sd@4,0:g,raw
sd@4,0:b sd@4,0:d sd@4,0:f sd@4,0:h
sd@4,0:b,raw sd@4,0:d,raw sd@4,0:f,raw sd@4,0:h,raw
because the disk is SCSI ID 4.
When I did a reconfiguration boot, and then looking at the following

/dev/dsk/ and /dev/rdsk/
c0t4d0s0 c0t4d0s2 c0t4d0s4 c0t4d0s6
c0t4d0s1 c0t4d0s3 c0t4d0s5 c0t4d0s7
In /dev/dsk/ the above files are links to sd@4,0:[a-h] in
In /dev/rdsk/ the above files are links to sd@4,0:[a-h],raw in
This is correct behavior, except the files sd@4,0:[a-h][,raw]
were missing and existed as hidden files,0:[a-h][,raw].
I renamed these to sd@4,0:[a-h][,raw] and suddenly I could
see the Quantum disk in the format menu.

I partitioned it and made a new file system in a matter of minutes and
now it is chugging away quite merrily.


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