summary: nohup problems

From: Rick Fincher (
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 15:33:18 CST

The problem we have with nohup jobs dying from sighups seems to be a bug in sh.

Using the "at" command instead of nohup is a good workaround.

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Original post:

> Hi Managers,
> We are running semiconductor simulation software from Silvaco International on
> Sparc 10's under Solaris 2.5. When we start jobs nohup from X-Terminals
> rlogin'ed to the servers and then log out, sometimes the jobs die and the log
> file says they were killed by a SIGHUP. Other times the jobs continue to run
> fine.
> We can't seem to find a pattern in this. One time it runs fine. The next time
> dies when running the exact same files and commands.
> I can't figure out how the SIGHUP is getting past the shell when the programs
> are run in nohup.
> The user having the problem is using ksh.
> Anyone seen this behavior before? Are there any known bugs in Solaris' ksh
> this?
> The software runs a convoluted series of shell files to set up the run, but,
> sometimes running it nohup works, so I don't think that is the problem.
> Thanks in advance for any hints!
> Rick Fincher

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