SUMMARY: Terminal activity timeout

From: Peter Schauss x 2014 (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 11:59:46 CST

Thanks for the quick resposes.

My original post was:

> Is there a way to force terminals to log out if they have been
> inactive for a specified length of time?
> Environment is Solaris 2.4 on a SPARC5.

Repsonses were:

From: Rasana Atreya <>

To automatically log a user out after idle time of XXX seconds-
vi .profile add TMOUT =XXX in seconds then export TMOUT


From: Rich Kulawiec <>

Yes. Do an archie search for the software package "untamo".

Rich Kulawiec

From: "Matthew Stier" <Matthew.Stier@MCI.Com>
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Try using 'idled'.

Matthew Stier

The TMOUT environment variable looks like the simplest solution.

Thanks again to everyone who replied.

Peter Schauss Gull Electronic Systems Division Parker Hannifin Corporation Smithtown, NY

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