SUMMARY: Problems with netgroup

From: Glenn Carver (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 10:08:53 CST

Dear managers,

This one was a right bugger. Thanks to those who replied. Noone got the
right answer but that's because, for security reasons, I'd tried to hide the
exact machine names and not given the precise entry, which turned out to be

The problem was that in my netgroup file I had entries like:

test (Machine1,, -- (note the upper case)

as all our machine names start with an upper case letter. Unfortunately,
somewhere along the way, the name service was returning the host name with a
lower case initial letter and the authentication failed. Once I'd changed
Machine1 to machine1 it all started working!

Trevor Paquette also pointed out that fully qualified names are required
when using DNS as the primary lookup. That wasn't my problem but worth
pointing out.

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On Jan 14, 0:45, Glenn Carver wrote:
> Subject: Problems with netgroup
> I'm having great trouble trying to get netgroups to work properly.
> I'm running solaris 2.5, using the NSKit to have NIS (not NIS+)
> running on my network. The setup I'm using used to work under SunOS 4
> which is why I'm having difficult seeing what's wrong.
> My setup is as follows. My internet domain name is
> My NIS/YP domainame is set the same via the /etc/defaultdomain file
> on servers and clients.
> My /etc/netgroup file has the following entry:
> test (machine1,,
> And I use this netgroup in a share command like so on my server 'server1':
> share -F nfs -o ro=test /spare/tmp
> And then on 'machine1' I get:
> mount -r server1:/spare/tmp /mnt
> Permission denied
> I've read the man pages and manuals. As far as I understand it, this
> setup should be correct. I've checked domainname reports the correct
> value & there's only 1 ypserver machine.
> If anyone could help me out I'd be extremely grateful as I'm stuck.
> Many thanks,
> Glenn
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