SUMMARY : solaris as an nfs client

From: Susy Huysmans (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 09:25:15 CST


Thanks to all who responded to my question :

I'm new at solaris and NFS and I would like to ask for your
expierence with NFS on Solaris 2.5 as an NFS server
What we would like to do is the folowing
- ultra sparc with solaris 2.5 and an EMC centriplex is NFS
- clients are
     - SunOS 4.2.3
     - solaris 2.5
     - PC with all kind of OS

The manual recommends as mount options : hard, bg and intr
Do you have any experience (good or bad) with the options:
     bg <-> fg, soft <-> hard, intr <-> nointr, how high
should the # of
     retries be?

What are the (dis-)advantages of the options, what's the
influence on
performance and what about high availability.

The answers were :

* Karl Vogel ( recommended to use
NIS+ with netgroups

* Rick Fincher warned for hard mounts :

One thing to watch for with hard mounts: When booting a system
will wait for a long time (you can set the number of retrys in
the mount statement) or hang indefinately if the volume is not
on the network.

If you have two systems that cross mount NFS volumes they may
both hang at boot time waiting for the other to come up so
they can mount the NFS volumes.

You can get around this by using 'boot -s' to come up in the
single user mode, then comment out the offending mount command
in /etc/vfstab and booting normally. Then uncomment the mount
statement in the /etc/vfstab file and mount manually.

* Jacques Rall too recommended to use soft mount with bg


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