SUMMARY: Sendmail Problems (lost input channel)

From: Carl Carpenter (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 08:27:04 CST

It was not a server problem it was the Chameleon client

Thanks for all the quick responses.


From: Jennifer Witham <>

It's an annoying little "feature" of Chameleon - one that the folks at
Netmanage aren't too fussed about it seems. The problem is that mail
such as the one from your user goes to the "outbox" and even though
it's undeliverable it is not deleted from the outbox. The only way to
"cure" this is to have the user delete it manually from the outbox. Oh
yeah - and COMPLAIN to Netmanage about this inanity. I have done so
long and loud but they claim that noone else has sooo......

Anyway - I periodically remind my users to check their outbox when mail
bounces to make sure that the mail is gone from the outbox. I usually
know when this sort of behavior arises because my mailbox (as
postmaster/root) fills up with the errors that result.



From: Dave McFerren <>

I suspect that there is a problem with the chameleon setup on his pc. I
ran chameleon for 2 years at my last site, and had frequent problems with
users screwing up the setup. Save his database to some other directory,
then recreate his account. It always worked for me.

Hope this helps...

Carl Carpenter - - (301) 215 8201

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