SUMMARY: CDR100 problem

From: Jozef Rujak (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 01:30:29 CST

Hi Suners,

sorry for late response.

If you want to use YAMAHA CDR 100, you need special driver for WORM devices, which
is mostly delivered with software for recording CD. I bought GEAR from Elektroson,
and this driver is included.
When I ask for my problem I didn`t have yet this GEAR software so it didn`t want
to work. No it works fine.

Thanks to all who responded


My original question was:

>I am in a big trouble. I bougt YAMAHA CDR100 to use it with SUN.
>I connect it to ultra1 and write in ok prompt probe-scsi. Everything seemed
>all right. There were shown internal scsi disk (scsi id 0 ) and scsi YAMAHA
>(scsi id 6). So I boot -rv. During booting I didn't see nothig about
>YAMAHA CDR or sd6. I could see there is only sd0 Seagate disk. After finshing
>reboot I tried mount cd from CDR100 with volume manager, it didn't work, then I tried it
.manualy ( there is no such device c0t6d0s0). Then I tried to conect it to SPARCstation 5
>, the same result. I tried change SCSI id several times , the same result - system ( Sol 2.5)
>doesn't recognize that there is YAMAHA CDR 100, it knows it only in ok prompt.
>Does it mean that CDR100 drive is wrong , or I do something wrong ?
>Please let me know, what are your experience with connecting YAMAHA CDR100 to SUN
>workstations under Solaris 2.5.

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