DNS server Replica SUMMARY

From: David Steen x76353/RDCS/7-23-KP (steen@deimos.kodak.com)
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 11:04:44 CST


To start thanks to all the wonderfull people that responded so fast...

tin@Brazil.Sun.COM (Augusto Ricardo Tin Pires [ENS System Technologist])
fpardo@tisny.com (Frank Pardo)
Alex Finkel <afinkel@pfn.com>
mrs@cadem.mc.xerox.com ("Michael Salehi x22725")
spreb@fozzie.cha.tva.gov (Rick Berube)
Kenn Owen <kowen@aip.org>
Steve Watson {RDCS} x84756 <swatson@kodak.com>
cathy@mercury.stm.com (Cathy Hargrave)
fsargent@netmgr.rri.uwo.ca (Frank Sargent)
Bruce Feist <bfeist@mnsinc.com>
Dan Pritts <danno@aa.fv.com>
petrilli@uol.com (Christopher Petrilli)

and many more probably after I mail this...Thanks to all

The consensous was that I need to set up a secondary server. Then by adding a
line into the resolv.conf file for the secondary server I'll be ok if the
primary goes down.

Thanks again.

My original request:
I have a domain with several production machines on it and the customer gets
very upset when the one little SPARC10 running DNS servicing for this domain
goes down. They have asked if there is any way another machine could act as
another source for the domains DNS data so that the odds on being without a
DNS server for the domain a decreased.

If anyone has set this up or knows why or why not to set it up please let me
I will summarize.


           Top level Corporate DOmain kodak.com
                                   | |
                                   | |
                                   rdcs.kodak.com cid.kodak.com
   Can I have two machines serve the DNS data for cid.kodak.com?
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