SUMMARY: Sun Compiler License Manager evilness

From: Christopher L. Barnard (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 08:48:15 CST

I asked:

> At just about every conference I've been to there is always someone
> sporting a pin proclaiming loudly "license managers suck". I whole-
> heartedly agree.
> I'm trying to use the Sun Compiler (I'm experimenting with version 3
> for this test, because it used the least) to get it to work on a
> machine in another NIS/DNS domain. The software is exported from
> the machine "srvagd" in the "info" NIS domain, and is also in
> the "info" DNS subdomain. My desktop machine "mozart" is in the
> "tsg" NIS domain and is in the "tsg" DNS subdomain. I am exporting
> /opt/SUNWspro from to mozart (and it works fine). As it
> was initially set up, the sunpro.lic,1 file on srvagd just listed
> the short name "srvagd" in the SERVER line. I've edited it to be fully
> qualified, since "srvagd" cannot be resolved outside of the "info"
> subdomain. This didn't solve the problem, however:
> (~) mozart 37 % which cc
> /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc
> (~) mozart 38 % cc simple.c
> License Error : Cannot find the license server (
> in the network database for product(SPARCompiler C)
> cc: acomp failed for simple.c
> (~) mozart 39 %
> most certainly *is* in the DNS, and I'm mounting filesystems
> from it. Does anyone know what Sun means by the "network database"?
> I'm suspicious that its looking in its NIS domain only, but that is not
> sufficient in this case.

The solution:

The license manager that Sun uses with their compilers comes from
Globetrotter Software ( With versions
2 and 3 of the compilers, Sun used version 2.61 or so; with version
4 of the compilers Sun went to version 4 of Globetrotter's license
manager. I was still using version 2.61 of lmgrd, and that version
does not know about any form of name service other than NIS.

Most of you probably have seen the CERT advisory that recently came
out about the security problems in lmgrd versions 5.0a and earlier
(based upon the AUSCERT advisory of around September or so -- I wonder
why it took CERT 3 months to propogate it to this side of the Pacific).

My solution was to upgrade my license manager to version 5.0b by
obtaining the latest & greatest directly from Globetrotter Software.
The latest version is available free from their web server. They also
provide instructions on how to run your license manager under a non-root
user, which I also did and recommend to others (it is quite easy).
I am now able to use the compilers from any NIS/DNS domain in the company.

Thanks to: (Don Catey) (John Fiori) (Thomas White)
Dan Pritts <>

and particularly

"David Evans" <>

for forwarding me the entire Globetrotter FAQ on lmgrd plus the
text of the AUSCERT identifying the security holes in lmgrd versions
5.0a and earlier.

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