SUMMARY: Pre-compiled GCC binary for HP-UX

From: John M. Turner (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 15:09:25 CST

Once again, the list comes through enthusiastically!

Many people pointed to as a source for HP UX
compiled binaries, along with , and
Along with the HP UX equivalent to the Sun Managers list at:
with an FTP server at
and a searchable archive at
I also got a reference to Ready to Run software at
for precompiled GNU software packages for Unix platforms that you can

Thanks to: (Andrea Carleton)
"Alfredo Sola" <>
Richard Skelton <> (John Reynolds)
Dan Pritts <>
Chris Marble <>
Peter Thornewell <>
Vincent Shan <>
My original request:
>I'm trying to find a copy of GCC precompiled for a HP 9000 system,
>running HP-UX 9.05. Does anyone out there know of a source?
>(I looked at the usual sources for the Sun versions, but haven't seen
>an HP version.) Failing that, is it possible to create an HP version
>by building a copy with cross-compiling?

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