SUMMARY: who, w, finger commands

From: David Cain (
Date: Wed Jan 08 1997 - 07:30:00 CST

My original message read as follows:
>>I recently upgraded our Sparc 20 Sol 2.3
>>to Sol 2.5.1 and have noticed that the
>>who, w, and finger commands still do not
>>I thought 2.5.1 had a fix for this?
>>Does this have something to do with the
>>upgrade, since a Sparc 20 shipped with
>>Sol 2.4 and Sparc Ultra shipped with
>>Sol 2.5.1 do not have these problems.
>>Is there something I can do?

It turns out that the X windows xterm from
X11R5 was not preforming a correct login to
Solaris. The xterm that comes with Solaris
in /usr/openwin/bin seems to work just fine.
Thus I copied the xterm from /usr/openwin/bin
over the X11R5 version. Now who and w report
things correctly, while finger tends to omit
some users. This must still be a bug in Solaris
as my other Solaris 2.5.1 system has the same
bug as well.

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