SUMMARY: 103663-03 & NIS+

From: Stuart Kendrick (
Date: Tue Jan 07 1997 - 19:13:56 CST

In my original post, I discussed how patch 103663-03 + NIS+ broke the box
-- ifconfig cannot resolve the hostname when it boots.

Nick Murray solved the problem, using two approaches. I tested and have
implemented his second one.


Stuart Kendrick
Network Services

Does your /etc/nsswitch.conf file have something like:

hosts: nisplus dns [NOTFOUND=return] files

I installed 103663-03 on a 2.5.1 host that did and got the symptoms you
described. My two workarounds were:

1) Use IP addresses in /etc/hostsname.*

2) Change the line in /etc/nsswitch.conf to:

        hosts: nisplus dns files

Off the top of my head it looks like the DNS library is returning the
wrong error - not found rather than unavailable this early in the boot

Hope this helps,

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