SUMMARY: expect and tcl

From: Coffindaffer, Virginia@MacPO1 (Virginia@MacPO1)
Date: Fri Jan 03 1997 - 16:31:00 CST

Original Question:
 Does anyone have a compiled version of "expect" that will run on
2.5.1 ? My hardware is SC2000. I cannot get the "Makefile" to compile
expect program.

Thanks to LOTS of people:
Dave McFerren
Matthew Stier
Colin Wynne
Deepak Vaidya
Tim Carlson
Karl Vogel
Kevin Sheehan
Martin Huber
Peter Schmitt - yes, I have tcl.
Jack Reiner

I pulled first the source and had a couple of mistakes in my Makefile
but I
finally compiled both tcl and expect. "expect" needs "tcl" language.
Dave McFerren, indicated I could get the binary programs, tcl and
I downloaded the gzip file and then untarred it and Volia - I had a
copy of expect and tcl that worked on both Solaris 2.4 and 2.5.1.

I needed the expect program to input answers to a disk to disk
ufsdump/ufsrestore that I wanted to run at night unattended. This
program is so neat. Just a couple lines of code.
By the way, using "<< EOF" as standard input to ufsdump/ufsrestore does
work. Also, the "r" argument on ufsrestore is not acceptable. The best
to get input to ufsdump/ufsrestore is using expect with tcl.

Thanks everone.

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