SUMMARY: DHCP,ifconfig, and mulitple addresses

From: Andy Mitchell (
Date: Thu Jan 02 1997 - 09:39:22 CST

Here's the summary on this topic. My question is included at the
end of this message for those that didn't suffer enough by reading
it the first time. ;-)

From: "Boone, Brian S" <>

>I am out of the office.
>I will be back in the office on Tuesday December 31

(Sorry Brian, but you can't really expect not to get a little heat
for not filtering mailing list posts from your vacation program ;-)

From: Stanislav Protassov <>
Basically he said to edit the source and defeat the check for multiple
interfaces. While this was nice of him to offer, I already knew of a
way to get dhcpd to run (as mentioned in posting). What I wanted to
know was whether I was setting myself up for problems with dhcp by
hacking around the interface check (whether by downing the virtual
interfaces before starting dhcpd or by frobbing the source I think it
makes no difference). But thanks anyway Stan!

From: Peter Marelas <>
I wonder whether you are better off using suns dhcp which is explicity bound
to an interface.
Maybe. I had not heard of any DHCP server from Sun. (But I bet it ain't
free. ;-)

From: an assortment of people...
>Did you get it to work?
>Where I can I get it dchpd)?
yes and

I went ahead and did it anyway and it has been working fine for 3 days
now (knock on wood).
I just wrote an S (and K) script in rc2.d that starts dhcpd before I
ifconfig the virtual interfaces and wrote a start|stop script for
init.d/ that downs the virtual interfaces when starting dhcpd and then
brings them up again when dhcpd has started succesfully.

Thanks to all who took the time to respond.

Original question:

> I am doing something today that I am a little nervous about and
> would appreciate any comments....
> I have a small network of Pc's and Mac's served by a Solaris box.
> Within this small network (~60 machines) are a number of private
> businesses. Some of these wanted to have a web site (run from
> the Sun) with a directly reachable URL. (Instead of a tilde extension
> from our main page). No problem as Solaris provides for configuration
> of virtual IP's on a single ethernet interface. Now I need to use
> DHCP for all the PC and Mac clients on the network. I have compiled
> the Internet Software Consortium's DHCP/BOOTP server and have it
> running and allocating an IP number to a PC in my office, however
> I had one snag - if the virtual interfaces are UP when the DHCP server
> is started, dhcpd dies because it can handle what it thinks are multiple
> interfaces. Marking all virtual interfaces down, starting dhcpd, and
> then marking the interfaces up *SEEMS* to work ok. i.e. DHCP requests
> are answered and the web sites based on the virtual IP's are accessible.
> QUESTION (finally ;-):
> Before I put all the pc's on DHCP, am I missing any potential
> problems here? I can always put the dhcpd call in the startup scripts
> prior to initialization of the virtual IP's and I can write a start/stop
> script in init.d to handle starting and stopping dhcpd with care included
> for ifconfig, but I wonder if I am missing any possible impact
> this trickery might have on the network.

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