SUMMARY: patch 103346-04

From: Jacques Rall (
Date: Mon Dec 30 1996 - 08:00:31 CST

Original question:

Dear SMs,

How do I go about intalling this patch?

The README.103346-04 file states:

    2) Execute the binary './flash-update' in this directory.

                a) It first extracts the flashprom driver from itself
                   and installs the driver on the system.

                b) Next it extracts the program that actually flash
                   updates the proms with the right images.

The only files that exists after:

        # zcat /tmp/103346-03.tar.Z | tar xfp -


        # cd -
        # ls
        README.103346-04 flash-update-02 flash-update-04
        flash-update-01 flash-update-03

Did Sun ommit the flash-update executable?



Execute the flash-update-<rev-level> file that correspond to your OBP version.
In our case:

        OBP 3.2.4 1996/05/30 11:17 requires flash-update-02

Thanks to Casper Dik and Umesh Vaghela

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